A lot of teens while at school could do with some extra cash and sometimes pocket money just won’t do. There are also a lot of people who don’t get pocket money. These days we are seeing more and more teenage entrepreneurs. It has become easier than ever to make money thanks to high speed internet and social media. Let’s look at 9 ways you can make money while still at school.


Start a blog

What do you enjoy doing, watching or playing? Anything you have a passion for is something you would normally have in depth knowledge of and would enjoy discussing. Why not put it in writing? This is something you love talking about and you could give your opinion on, a great way to get the word out there would be to use your social media connections. This would have to work as trial and error in the beginning to see what gets shared and what doesn’t. There are a lot of free analytic tools you can use to help you understand what gets the most engagement, and this is really important as it stops you from wasting time on content that won’t get you traffic and focus on what will giving you the best ROI on your time. Most importantly, be consistent!


Start a vlog

This is the same as above, but this time in a vlog format. With vlogs you can really let your hair down and make it as crazy as you want. This is the kind of stuff that goes viral, there are kids all over the world making bucket loads of money through vlogging. Most of the videos that get shared and get the most engagement are humorous, crazy or are out of the ordinary. As with blogging, you need to be consistent. If people have subscribed to you it is because they enjoy watching your videos so if you are pumping out content daily you should continue doing it at that pace. The best way to keep on top of things is when you have extra time, make extra content and keep it in your bank for the days when things get too much with exams etc.

Brush up on your social media skills and consult to SME’s

As a child, you are using social media and can pretty much use any new tech feature that comes out. Adults don’t really have the luxury of time, they are working, looking after their family and doing household chores. As a teenager, social media is a part of life. It becomes second nature and that is where the beauty of it lies. Adults have to study certain subjects through courses and degrees to be able to consult, you can just go in and use your own social media accounts as case studies. Show them how to build followings and charge them for that service.

The best way to get your name out there is through your friends and family, is there any business owner they know that wants to get more following/engagement on their social media accounts? Once you help someone out, ask them for referrals. This is how your business can grow and to start off your parents are bound to know small business owners and may have great relationships with them which would give you a foot in.


Do you have good grammar skills? Can you photoshop? Build websites? Register on Fiverr

Presently, there are millions of different gigs available on Fiverr. That means that you can easily find something that you are good at and charge people a set fee. In this case it is $5 and up. There are a few that sell for $3-400 so don’t let the name put you off. However you need to make a name for yourself amongst the community before you can start selling your services for a higher price. The best way to do this would be to ensure you charge a fair price in the beginning and do a great job after which, you get people to give you good reviews. As you start to get better reviews your ranking will go up and get seen by more people looking for that service.

This is a great way to make money as you will be usually doing something you enjoy and you are helping people. Ask any entrepreneur and they will tell you, more than being paid the money, the greatest feeling of doing their job is the joy you get from helping people. Now that it is easier than ever to leave reviews, assuming you have done a good job, you will be surprised at how much happiness your work will give to people.



This is something you can do alongside your work (within reason). This is a great way to earn some extra money, imagine you are babysitting while helping an SME with their social media and writing them some blogs? That would make for a very lucrative evening. It isn’t always going to be fun, kids can be hard work so choose your couple/family carefully. It would also be a good idea to take your parents along to meet the family you are working with if they don’t already know them. This is very important, you may miss things that your parents would pick up. Many professional young couples are having kids and when mums go back to work they may need babysitters during the holidays, weekends, or in the evenings when they want to go out.


Pet sitting/dog walking

As with most of these job offerings, you are getting paid for your time. Either you are saving them their time so they can do something else or helping them where they are lacking in skills. Busy people that have demanding jobs usually don’t have a lot of time, they will want the pleasure of having a pet but will not always want/have time to do put in the effort of feeding them regularly and taking them out for walks. This is something you can get paid for daily, assuming you love pets!


This one is so simple, there are so many people that don’t have the time or cannot be bothered to do the gardening who will be willing to pay you to do it. Brushing up leaves, tidying up flower beds or simply just mowing the lawn, it is quite tedious but make it worth your while by listening to an audio book to educate yourself while working.


Tutor younger children

If you were good in a particular subject when you were younger and feel you could help someone out who is struggling, offer your services to friends and family. It is a great way to keep the knowledge fresh in your mind and once you start doing a good job helping kids with their grades word will get around (or you can just ask for referrals) and your business will grow.


Start a car wash

This is also very easy and requires very little skill. A little attention to detail will go a long way though. If you are passionate about cars and making them look the best they can this can be a very rewarding job. This business can also be scaled up, very few people wash their own cars.



Start your success story young, be the hardest worker around. Pave your own way to becoming part of the 1%. GSY