There are a few reasons people go out into the big bad world all on their own to work for themselves. Either you have been laid off and you can’t find a job or you want a side income for your job. It is sometimes very hard to find a job and you may need money straight away, if you have the skills you feel could be of use to companies to pay you as a freelancer on an ad hoc basis then this is one of the best times to become a freelancer. This isn’t to say that it will not be difficult, it is difficult and as with everything in the beginning, it will be an uphill struggle.


Let’s take a look at the brilliant reasons working on your own could be one of the best decisions you ever make


The freelance market is exploding
These days there are many recruitment websites that only focus on recruiting freelancers. If you happen to work in tech then you will be high in demand for a number of start ups as everything is moving to automation and tech systems need code and management in the coming future. Many companies are using freelancers to come and work in their companies and small businesses. It is a great way to get in experts on an adhoc basis to come in and do some training or change and tweak outdated processes.


Advances in tech mean you can work from your bed
Tech has come an extremely long way, this means that you can work from anywhere. If you have International clients, you no longer need to go visit them or their headquarters for meetings, it can all be done remotely. Some consulting freelance work will mean you need to physically be there, to deliver workshops etc but even then some work can be done remotely, everyone is moving over to cloud based solutions as it is just so much more convenient.

Be your own boss
This is quite self explanatory. You set your hours, the harder you work the more you will get paid. This can be quite a challenge in the beginning because you actually get so much freedom and if you’re not used to it then it makes it very hard to discipline yourself. The fact remains that you need to be focused on your goal, whatever it may be. However, being a solopreneur allows you to achieve your goals at your own pace. This is what is so empowering, if you decide you want to really reach for the stars and affect hundreds of thousands of lives there really is nothing holding you back. For ideas on how you can dip your toe into entrepreneurism with minimal risk click here.


There are SME’s around to help you with all aspects of running your business
As a solopreneur you will want to focus on whatever is bringing the money in, so you will be working on your business rather than in it. There is nothing wrong with that as that is, at the end of the day, what you got into business for. The trouble with that is, admin duties still need to be done, tax returns still need to be filed. The good thing is, you can hire virtual assistants on an adhoc basis, get an accountant for your tax returns and there are even businesses that will come everyday, do your paperwork, clean around your office and do your payroll! This all means that you can focus all your efforts on keeping the cash flow positive.


Having a portfolio of clients means losing a job doesn’t mean loss of your entire income
Traditionally and to this day, when a company wants to cut back costs, they look at who is dispensable. Jobs are cut all the time and again with the advances of tech it means more and more jobs are being cut as the job can be done by software or hardware much quicker and with greater efficiency. When you lose your job you lose your entire income and you are left with nothing, this is where being a solopreneur gives you a sense of greater security. When starting out obviously there will be hardships, that is to be expected but once you have a portfolio clients it means that if someone can’t pay you anymore or don’t need your services you can fill that gap with another client while still having streams of income from other clients.



Working for yourself is tough, you will make mistakes. Do your best, learn from others mistakes and keep going through the hardships. It will be worth it! GSY