What makes us different from our brothers and sisters across the world that live in poverty? Everyone is given a set of circumstances at birth, then we all get different opportunities throughout life. It is hard to say why people end up homeless, as everyone has a different story to tell. What I do know is, mindset is everything.

Everything you think and trap in your head will manifest itself in your life. It is easy to say all this when I have not been given the same set of circumstances as someone born into poverty or adverse living conditions, however when reading about all the wildly successful immigrants that migrated from third world countries I noticed one thing. All of them were not happy with their circumstances and they did something about it themselves, there were no excuses, they made things happen. This year I want to set myself a challenge to help as many people as I can, here is why I think you should do the same.


Giving back makes you appreciate what you have
Some of us may have more material things than others, some of us may be happier than others. Where does true happiness really lie? That is subjective, however we all need to know that we are blessed to have good health and are able to live each day to the max as well as make our own choices. When you see what people have to deal with on a daily basis, begging for food, doing jobs they absolutely hate just to put food on the table, mental/physical conditions that don’t allow them to live a normal life and so on, you start to realise just how lucky you are.

Are we really that spoilt and oblivious to all the suffering around us that we can’t take some time out to make other people’s lives a little easier to live? If you’re not doing it for them, do it for yourself, you will see how great it feels. It really does! One thing I did learn when I was preparing and giving out food to the homeless, it really does make you happy in a way that nothing else can compare to. Appreciating what you have is important on your path to success, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should be content with what you have, you should always want more. The fact that you have enough to give will make you grateful and will allow you to attract more as you will be on a high the entire day.

“No-one has ever become poor by giving.”

Anne Frank

Understanding their mindset and how they felt about their situation allows you to understand how important looking after your thoughts is
Through my conversations with the homeless, I realised that a few of them chose to be in that position. That really doesn’t make sense to me or you but it’s true, each to their own. They were dealt a set of circumstances and instead of get help from others they chose not to. There are still people who do want help but can’t get it but for the moment I am more interested in the people that chose not to get any help. Homelessness can occur in many different ways and it can also be overcome in many different ways. What is the fundamental difference between having the courage to change your circumstances or live with what you have? Mindset. There are so many people that had nothing, came from nothing and now live lives of abundance. That includes being financially independent as well as living their lives to the full and grasping every opportunity they get.

Why is it that they are able to get out of their circumstances and create massive success and other people are not? It is all about choices, you make choices without thinking every day. Some choices you think about but most of the time you do it out of habit. When you started smoking cigarettes, that was a choice. There are obviously forces outside of your and your conscious that play a part but ultimately the final choice is in your hands. Make good choices. Little changes right now won’t seem drastic, however as time goes on, over the months and years, you will see how much difference it makes.



Give whenever you can, make good choices, appreciate what you have but always shoot for the moon! GSY