Have you ever wondered how to be an effective, inclusive and inspiring leader? Well, look no further. Below are some of the necessities of being an effective leader.

Have fun
If you’re leading a team of 20 and see it as a chore, it will be exactly that; a chore. You need to see the positive and fun side of it. Make leading and learning fun. It will improve the experience not only for you, but for your team members and followers too. Find new ways to engage your followers and to make the experience as exciting as possible for them. Not only will this boost team morale, but it will also motivate the team to work to the best of their ability and contribute to the team as best as possible. They will be more inclined to want to help the team succeed and more likely to go further to do so. Employees want an awakened, dynamic spirit to come alive at work. Allow your team to test their ideas and more importantly allow them to fail without repercussions. Focus on enabling opportunities and making it easier for people to contribute and feel more valued. This can be done be creating a fun working environment.


Be consistent in your behaviours
As a leader, your team needs to be able to count on you to not act irrationally or have mood swings. Good leaders are level headed and make rational decisions (my next point). Your team needs stability and reassurance and the best way that you, as a leader, can give this to your team is through consistency in behaviours. Consistency also makes it a better environment to work in and employees and followers will feel more comfortable. Consistency is key! Your team will thank you for it, as it reassures them that they are working somewhere stable with stable leaders.

Make firm decisions
As a leader, you will have to make some tough decisions, but it is important you make these decisions firmly. Importantly, things shouldn’t be left undecided for long periods of time, especially if the issue involves members of your team. Once a decision is made on any issue, don’t waiver about that decision – it’s been done, so now it’s too late. Have the confidence as a leader to know that you wouldn’t have made a decision if you didn’t think it was the right thing to do. You won’t be able to please everyone in every situation, so doing what you think is best is a good way to go. Going back on your decisions can look highly unprofessional and in some cases could be worse than just leaving a ‘not-so-popular’ decision as it is.


Lead by example
I know, you’ve heard it before. But did you know how important that little three word phrase actually is? As a leader you need to lead. You need to show your employees and followers why they should look up to you as a leader and what lessons they can learn from you. Leading by example shows the team that you’re right there with them, doing everything you’re asking the to do. You’re not a boss, you’re a leader. Boss’s boss and Leaders lead. Which one are you? Leaders are respected more as they aren’t seen to be hypocrites. Leaders needs to get involved and help the team to be the best version of themselves. Be the type of person you want your team members to be. They will note your behaviours and actions and deem this to be appropriate, so before you say something or do something – think twice. Would you want your team members to say and do that same thing?

As a leader, you will come across situations that were completely unforeseen. But to be a leader, you need to learn how to adapt to these situations and deal with them head on. You can’t control and predict everything, but you can control how you react to situations. Learn not to get overwhelmed when things don’t go your way. True leaders are resilient and adaptable to changing circumstances. Changing circumstances aren’t ideal, but are extremely common and this is why it’s necessary to have this skill. Remember, with any situation – bad or good, it is important you shield your team and followers from external stress or pressures from those above them. If you’re stressed, don’t take it out on the team, but rather find a way that you can all work through it together.


Being a leader is more difficult than it sounds, however, it’s also more rewarding than you’d think. You get to positively impact others’ lives and inspire them to succeed and work to the best of their abilities. Think about someone you look up to – a mentor or role model. Why do you look up to them? What do they have that you don’t that makes you want to look up to them? How can you also be someone that others look up to?


Do you think you have what it takes to be a solid leader? Of course you do! Being a leader is all about acting how you want others to act and being respectful, empowering and motivating. Give us your thoughts on how to be a good leader below! GSY.