I caught up with Julian at the end of November last year, I read that he had started his hedge fund at the age of 18 and he was now managing around 5 million dollars. I wanted to know how he started and how he was able to raise so much money being so young. 5 million dollars isn’t a lot when you look at the amounts other hedge funds have, but you need to consider that these hedge funds have a different kind of leader. In Julian you have someone who was passionate about trading before he hit his teenage years. Julian had actually made his first trade as a 9 year old. I remember when I was 9, I was more interested in Batman than anything else.

I wanted to see what inspired him and how he created a plan to start his business. I also wanted to know how he maps out his day because as a CEO of a hedge fund you have many different tasks but he also had the huge task of securing investment.

When I questioned him about how the idea of starting his own hedge fund came about he said that he wanted something of his own since the age of 13. He was always good with numbers and enjoyed the aspect of asset management. He was always very independant and knew he wanted to create his own path. The thing that gave him the confidence to really go for it was the fact that, at 18 years old he was creating and further developing his own trading platforms which perform better than traditional methods. Historically we know smaller hedge funds with less under management tend to outperform the huge banks so there is no reason why constant tweaking of a great trading platform can’t work for a small hedge fund or even a lone trader.

So how do you actually go about starting up a hedge fund? It isn’t like most businesses as you need to have capital which you then manage for your clients and give them x% of returns per year. His first step was to protect whatever little capital he was able to get as investment and build a great relationship with his clients. He also tells me he has a great risk manager, figures. Julian also acknowledged that to do anything great you need a great team with an advisory board. He has these people set in place and most importantly he knows deep down he can achieve the promised returns. This is so important when doing anything, you need to believe in yourself before you can make anyone else believe in you.

When I asked him what he feels was most important to his success, he replied with the same thing you hear anyone who is anyone say, “follow your passion”. Let’s take a look at why that is so important, when you’re doing anything new or difficult you will usually fail. Why is that? Well there are a number of reasons why that is the case, some method you copied from someone else didn’t work for you or maybe you didn’t quite get it right. Everyone who goes on to achieve greatness has failed many times along the way. Now I don’t know about you, but if I were to fail at something I didn’t like or even felt indifferent to, I wouldn’t really try again. If you are passionate about something, no matter how many times you get knocked down you will get back up and keep trying to make it happen. That courage and determination comes from within and it is readily available when you are working on something you love, but not so much when you work on something you don’t.

Going back to Julian, in terms of trading, what exactly does he do? He combines a lot of different strategies because different ones will work at different times depending on the market. He combines his multi strategy portfolio with maths to ensure if something is losing money somewhere, other parts of his portfolio will prop it up! Seems simple right? 🙂

Towards the end of the interview I asked him what he does in his down time, again this goes back to his passion. That is the brilliance of working on something you love, you make it your life and it truly gives you fulfillment. He enjoys watching the news, a lot. He also works on his strategy development to see how he can tweak things, but other than that he plays guitar and enjoys playing poker. Simple guy, with huge ambition.

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Work on your passion, whatever it may be, start it as a side hustle. Nurture it like you would your child and watch your baby grow! GSY