Anyone that knows basketball knows Kobe Bryant and anyone that knows Kobe Bryant knows of his work ethic. He works hard to keep himself at the peak of his powers, we know this. However when you take a look at what that actually means, it will give you goosebumps. He is extremely good at what he does, yet he acknowledges that talent without hard work means nothing.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

Tim Notke

A trainer named Rob posted a story on reddit about his trip to Las Vegas where he was invited to help Team USA with their conditioning. This particular trainer has over 16 years of professional experience dealing with athletes at both ends of the spectrum from the basic high schoolers to the professionals so he knows what hard work and dedication means.

The night prior to the first scrimmage (exhibition game that works on honing technique) Rob got a call at 415 AM in the morning, it was Kobe. He wanted some help on conditioning work and naturally Rob obliged. Rob arrived at the faculty before 5 AM and saw Kobe, drenched in sweat, as if he had just taken a swim. Rob then took Kobe through some conditioning exercises followed by strength training for a total of 2 hours. Rob then went to bed and Kobe? Well he went back to shoot some hoops, obviously….

Rob had to be back at the practice floor at 11 AM, he was tired as he had only slept a few hours. Rob saw Kobe off by himself shooting and practicing jump shots, the rest of Team USA was there too but were talking amongst themselves. Rob went over to Kobe and told him how he worked well, Kobe replied saying how he really appreciated it. Rob then asked him when he finished, what Kobe said next blew his mind. Kobe wanted to complete 800 baskets before he left, when did he finish then? Just now… He’d been there all night!

How does that make you feel? He obviously had a full day of training exercises and matches ahead of him, however he set himself a target of 800 baskets and he didn’t stop until he reached it. That, ladies and gentlemen is what hard work looks like, I don’t care what level or what standard you are at in anything in your life, if you want something bad enough, go out and get it. Be like Kobe, set yourself a target and don’t stop till you get there. We all have it in us, it is whether or not we want it bad enough. I’ll leave you with a great quote from the man himself.


“Everything negative, pressure, challenges, is all an opportunity for me to rise.”

Kobe Bryant