I am personally a Messi fan, but I do think Cristiano’s work ethic alone has put him above the rest. I wouldn’t say he is better or equal to Messi but he is definitely one of the best ever. It was not an easy path, he came to the UK to play for Manchester United at a very young age and the premier league is one of the best levels of football in the world. His talent was there but he struggled in his first couple of seasons in the premier league, not to say he wasn’t good, he was electric but his decision making and lack of consistency let him down. No player however is perfect, so he worked and worked and improved himself over the next few seasons. What a player he became. Let’s look at the qualities that made him one of the best players ever to grace the game.

His desire was to be the best in the world, he set himself a target of 30 goals for the season he really started to find his feet and he destroyed that target and went over and beyond. He got 42 goals that 2007-08 season, winning the European Golden shoe in the process.

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.”

Napoleon Hill

Ronaldo’s desire means he is constantly working on his body and strength making sure he is as physically fit as possible. When he isn’t in the gym or on the field he is still working out, a close source has gone on record as saying if he does sit down to watch TV he will be performing sit ups. Desire is a wonderful thing, so much can be achieved from one person’s desire to make something happen. More recently we can use the examples of the EURO 2016 Championship. In all honesty I don’t think Ronaldo had such a great tournament, he didn’t play that well, but they managed to scrape through to the finals. He really dug deep in the games leading up to that final match against France. As it happens he was injured, got taken off and was unable to complete the game, but the passion he showed on the sidelines was incredible.

He was the Manager, the Coach, the Captain all squeezed into one in that game, he spurred on his team mates that game from the sidelines and the winning goal came from a young substitute whom Ronaldo allegedly approached just before extra time to tell him he would score. That is the perfect example of a leader and someone who inspires others to achieve greatness.

Work ethic
As I mentioned before he had the talent, however he was weaker as a youngster, quite skinny and coming into such a physical league, he struggled. I would say he is one of the strongest players on the pitch now, he can hold off strong challenges and is very strong in the air. How did he achieve this stunning turnaround? Sir Alex Ferguson has said in the past that “Ronaldo used to completely exhaust himself, and still does.” He decided he wanted to be the best and he made it happen through grit and hard work.

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”

Eric Thomas

His work ethic is what helped him work on the parts of game that weren’t up to scratch. His coach at Manchester United saw that Ronaldo wanted to be at the top of his game and told him that he has the desire to become the best but needed guidance on what needs to be improved. He always wanted to be in the limelight, score impossibly perfect goals over normal goals. This was bringing down his conversion rate and therefore affecting his consistency. The top strikers would get the ball in the back of the net, nothing extra, that was their job. Ronaldo realised that he had to work on scoring, whether it was left foot, right foot, headers, he needed to get the ball in the back of the net, period. As you can see, today he has become one of the most lethal goal scorers the World has ever seen. Many of them are easy tap ins but he has some beautiful goals to go with them as he has the ability.

Everything in life starts of with the desire to want it, if you want something bad enough, you will fight tooth and nail to get it. Desire mixed with work ethic is the recipe for success, fall down 9 times and get up 10. Ronaldo didn’t get it right the first time or the tenth time, he kept going and I think we can agree he has certainly got it right now.


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