High school is an extremely stressful time, so we all think, then we enter the real world and realise high school was an absolute breeze. One thing we all agree on though, is that it is a time where we learn a lot, a lot about ourselves, the real world(or so we think, really it’s just from a text book and not really that applicable) and skills that will help us adapt to life after school. While we don’t realise it at the time, we have a lot of spare time. This time may be used playing games or sports or maybe other extra curricular activities.


As we are all aware, competition is becoming extremely tough for job roles and now with AI and a lot of jobs being automated, it will only become tougher. For our younger audience, let’s look at skills you can learn while at high school to give your university application a boost, these skills will also look great on your CV.



Coding comes first on this list as it is only growing in number of job postings year upon year. In the US market, new job postings for software jobs grew 31% over 5 years (2007-2012). That is almost 3 times more than new job postings as a whole. As a beginner, Dynamic languages are the easiest to learn. There are less lines of codes to learn and when learning these kind of languages, more time is spent learning programming concepts which is better in the long run. A few examples of Dynamic languages are, JavaScript, Python, PHP and Ruby.


Search Engine optimisation shows your employers that you can measure current trend and help them direct their online marketing budget. A very useful skill indeed, social media spend can run into the millions and directed properly can make or break a business. Online is where it’s at these days, although there are other means of marketing, most people spend their time on the phones on the different social media platforms. Even if there is an ad right in front of their eyes at a bus stop or on a billboard, the chances of them actually seeing it and engaging with it are slim to none.


Foreign languages

A lot of usually average paying jobs are advertised with a huge mark up due to the employers needing a candidate with a second language. It isn’t easy and it does get a bit harder as you grow older which is why now is a better time to start than later into early adulthood. The best time would have been when you were much younger but delaying it will only make it harder and will most likely get put off till you completely forget about it. Adding languages actually rewires your brain and allows you to multitask better than individuals who only speak one language and it also boosts your memory too!


Public speaking

Speaking in front of a large number of people may be something you have to do while you’re at university when you have to give presentations etc and if you struggle with it, doing a course and getting yourself acquainted with the art of communicating is a great skill to have. A number of senior corporate jobs require you to give presentations and communicate certain things, even in interviews, you may be asked to give a short presentation. A completely life changing book to get you going on the art of communication and winning people over is ‘How to win friends and influence people’ by Dale Carnegie. Great book, can’t state that enough.

Microsoft Excel

This isn’t just a great skill for anyone looking for a job in finance, being great with excel and having the knowledge to interpret data will help you in a number of job roles. There are many senior level executives who will want help analysing data and making sense of budgets etc so this kind of skill will always pay dividends. The great thing about Excel is that if you learn how to use it properly, it will do the bulk of the work for you.


It goes without saying, the skills listed above can be learnt by people in any age group looking to get ahead. There are many online resources and free tools that can help you. For a list of free resources to kick start your career, click here.

Get a head start on life after studies, the skills mentioned above will ensure potential employees see you as a great prospect as you’ll have skills that many don’t. Put the work in now so you can reap the benefits later. GSY