Any of us that are employed (a large percentage of us are) would love to have a larger income, but sometimes this is difficult as it means either changing company or job role and for some reason or another, you can’t get a certain position because you don’t have the skills. Today we are going to look at ways you can enhance your CV and your career, the best part? It’s free!

Duolingo – Bridging that language barrier
The age of the high speed internet and social media has allowed for us to be connected with people all over the world, with brand new relationships being built online every single day. These can sometimes be hampered by the inability to speak a certain language, some high paying jobs require you to be able to speak certain languages. Duolingo helps to bridge that language barrier by offering courses in every major language, including some obscure ones. At current count there are over 150 million learners with 68 different languages on offer. The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows 8 and 10. It is a fun interactive way of learning a language that keeps students engaged and that is the best way to learn.

With more and more jobs being created for the online space, being able to market digitally is a skill that will open many doors. Designing websites, developing them, even at an amatuer level for basic SME’s that just need a bit of online presence is a great way to make money. OpenClassrooms gives you the skills you need to enter the world of tech. It will help you to learn basic coding right up to building your own app and there is even a course to help you keep up to date on all current trends in tech.

Anyone that keeps up with the job market and the current trend towards hiring candidates with coding abilities will know that it pays to be able to code. Starting salaries as well as salaries at the top end are much higher than average. Learning to code is like learning a new language, as that is basically what it is, a language, whether HTML or JAVA. Codecademy allows users to learn at their own speed and has a great community for students who need help. This is a perfect way to completely change the outlook on your future career as you can use your new skills, team it with everything else you’ve learnt up until now in other roles to create a great case as to why someone should pay you bucket loads of money.

Massive Online Open Courses – Coursera
Anyone in their late teens up to mid 20’s knows how expensive the rate for further education has become, it is literally ridiculous. It has come to a point where if you’re not from an affluent family, you can’t have a degree and although a degree doesn’t guarantee a job let alone a good job, it certainly helps your chances. This is where Coursera comes in, they help you get courses for higher education at a fraction of the cost with some of the biggest most prestigious universities taking part. Just to name drop a few of Coursera’s partners, Yale, Stanford, IBM and University of Geneva. The best part? Some of these courses are free! There are no excuses for you not being able to step up and start a course to hone your skills and get a better salary with better career prospects.

Khan Academy
This is the holy grail of online learning if you are still a student, an absolute masterpiece in my opinion. Even for those of us that have entered the working world, this is an excellent resource. It’s free of charge, all of it, and will stay that way. It also isn’t affiliated with any other school or university so it functions as its own entity. The vast range of subjects range from simple Mathematics to Computer Science and onto Finance and capital markets with everything in between. There is something for everyone with all levels catered for.

Don’t let your past determine your future, if you didn’t/couldn’t put in the work then it isn’t too late to start now, rewrite your future by learning something new and putting it to good use. We believe every individual has a right to success but only if you feel you deserve it and are willing to put the work in. Use the online resources mentioned above to help hone your skills and if you can pick a subject you’re passionate about, even better, you are bound to succeed.



Never stop learning and improving yourself, complacency keeps you from fully achieving your potential and realising the feeling of real fulfilment. GSY